MLB ALL Star Game Hat Guide, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

Here is the definitive guide to the last five years of New Era MLB All Star Game Hats. These are the special hats that all ALL STAR game players will wear on the field during the ALLSTAR GAME. They are collectible hats, because they only make and sell them during and after the all star game. Once they’re gone, they’re GONE!

2017 MLB All Star Game Patch Hat, 59fifty

San Francisco Giant All STar Patch Cap 2017

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2017 MLB Home Run Derby Hat, 59fifty

Mets HR Derby Patch for 2017 Allstar Game

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2016 MLB All Star Game Hat, 59fifty Gray Brim

2016 All Star Game Hats from New Era, 59fifty on-field cap

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The 2016 version is a simple gray bill with a team color crown and the San Diego all star patch on the left hand side.

2016 Home Run Derby, Padres Colored Cap

Padres home run derby colored all star game caps
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These are the old school throwback colored HR derby hats worn at the 2016 derby this year. Might be the ugliest coolest hats that we’ve seen for all star games thus far.

2015 MLB All Star Game Hat, 59fifty

The 2015 59fifty cap is a great looking hat. It’s a traditional fitted, flat bill wide brim baseball hat with 2 large horizontal stripes across the middle. The are typically in the team color. The front two panels are either in white or gray, so the two stripes really stand out.

2015 MLB ALL Star Game Hat, 39thirty

The 39thirty ALL STAR GAME hat is the same as the first except this is low crown version of the horizontal stripes. This hat will sit lower on your head, but it will still give you the same look as the other ALLSTAR game cap this year.

2014 MLB ALL Star Game Hat, 59fifty

The 2014 ALLSTAR GAME cap has a different look to the coloration. It’s a traditional 59fifty in the diamond era technology fabric, except you can see that the front two panels got a narrowing visual que from the secondary color. The front color is really skinny and then meets at the top button in a very shark fin way.

2014 MLB ALL Star Game Hat, 39thirty

The 39thirty shares the same traits as the 2014 59fifty, except it’s the low crown version.

2013 MLB All Star Game Hat, Side Patch

In 2013 they had a patch on the side of the hat. That’s the only difference this hat has. This is exactly the same 59fifty that they wore during the season, they just added a small little 2013 all star game patch on the left hand side.

Here are some highlights from some games:

More info from the MLB on the 2015 ALL STAR game.

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