Do you sell hats from this site?

No, we feature hats from major online hat stores. We collect the styles and package them for easier navigation. We also include the latest promotional offers from each store. Our goal is to find you the best hat at the best price. Our featured hat collections will link you to the actual online store where you will be able to purchase the hat.

Why do I need this site if I buy the hats from the hat store?

Good questions, and the truth is you don’t. Here is how we help you. You can find the same hat for sale at multiple hat stores. We work with the hat stores on a daily basis and have access to promotional codes and sales that aren’t available to the public. In short: We compare the same hat at each store and find the best price. We help you find the hat you want as well as the discount code or sale. If you love buying hats, we are the perfect resource. We keep our finger on the pulse of the MLB hat industry.

How is the site funded?

In short: We earn referral fees if you buy a hat from our online hat store partners via our site

What is a referral fee and why does it sound shady?

It’s common practice in the digital world. It is known as affiliate marketing. The biggest brands on the Internet use affiliate marketing to help drive sales. (Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc….) While many of your favorite sites use Affiliate marketing to keep the lights on. (or servers on)

Sometimes you will see a banner ad like this:

LIDS Monthly Promos

OR will will see a special link that is unique to each website to track the referrals.
Here are some examples:


Once you arrive at the Hat Store you are tagged with a cookie to track the referral. If you purchase a hat, they pay us a referral fee The dollar amount varies from store to store. We might earn a few cents or a few dollars for each purchase.

It’s the Internet and Digital age equivalent of a salesperson getting paid a commission for selling a product. Just like in real life, there are “good” and “honest” salespeople and there are shady salespeople.

We use the revenue generated from this site to pay the daily expenses that come with running a free, popular blog that thousands of people visit each month.

If everyone stopped buying hats via our affiliate links, we would have to close shop… (ouch)

Will it Cost me more?

Never, in fact, our deals often save you money. (see example Lids promo code example)

Online hat stores need to drive sales just like any brick and mortar business. They offer us special access to Exclusive styles before they are release and promo codes each month. They don’t even release these to the general public. For example, say you are shopping for a 59 FIFTY authentic hat from New Era, by using our site you can find the right hat and the right team and the right discount. All in one Place…!

Our hat store partners understand that New Customers have to come from somewhere. Each of them pay affiliates, like us, instead of spending large amounts of money on Print ads, billboards, TV commercials, or high salaried sales people.

Can you see my personal information?

Nope, nothing. We don’t see ANY personal information.
We usually see something like this. An anonymous user has spent $X amount of dollars at this date and time and they bought from this website. Here’s what a report looks like from Lids:

How else do we make money?

We also sell advertising space. (our ads look like ads, not endorsements)

How can I help keep this site running?

Simple, buy via our special links to help with our costs. Any time you buy a hat online, use our site to find the hat and click on our special links before jumping to the hat store. We have invested a large amount of time and money to build and tweak this site to help online hat shoppers. That includes a small team of programmers, webmasters, writer, editors, and bloggers that you will help employ.

More Questions?

Not a problem, Drop us a note using our Contact form and we’ll answer them and update this page.

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