5 ways to identify Fake New Era Hats, BEWARE

How to know authentic and fake NEW ERA CAPS - Bboy.orgThis post is going to cover 5 ways you can identify Fake New Era Hats.  There are tons of websites / sellers on the Internet that Offer Whole Sale New Era hats.  On the surface this sounds like a great deal.    Here’s the unfortunate news……  No one is allowed to sell whole sale new Era hats.   (legally)  Most of the wholesale hat sellers out there are FAKE New Era Hats.   That is correct, is you find a brand new hat for less than $10.  I would bet my house that it is actually a fake produced and sold to the US from China.  There are a few reasons for this.  First of all China’s trademark laws are non-existent.

If someone says they are getting them from China, they are being fooled. (someone is selling them fake hats) If they actually believe they are authentic the other scenario is that they already know they are fake and they are trying to fool you…..

Here’s the 5 things to look for:  (this list could easily be 25 things, but 5 will help everyone)

  1. PRICE – If the price is lower than $10, it’s probably a fake
  2. GRAMMAR– If the website or item listing has bad grammar, it’s probably a fake
  3. LOCATION – If they are located outside the United State or Canada
  4. PICTURES – If the team logo looks odd or different, including New Era marks
  5. LICENSING – If it lacks the officially licensed stickers or marks from the MLB or League

For Authentic New Era Hats

Here are the top 3 Retailers that I recommend:

  1. LIDS Great selection and always has a great promotions to save money
  2. Fanatics– Huge selection, offers more than just hats
  3. FansEdge – Great Selection, typically a little higher prices

Ebay has experienced this same issue on their site.  They have a New Era Fakes – BUYER BEWARE guide on their site right now.

Always remember that New Era makes great looking hats with high quality craftsmanship.  You want to make sure the 59fifty has a wide brim and the stitching is extremely consistent through out the structured paneling.  Make sure the fitted size is true to the size.

There is an excellent thread on this forum.  It discusses physical attributes to look for.  I grabbed the photos from that thread. http://www.bboy.org/forums.  Get your facts straight and only buy from reputable dealers that know what they are talking about.
Above all else – if it sounds too good to be true…… it probably is….

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Here are some great Authentic New Era Hats:

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